Saturday, February 18, 2012



Meditation is a deep well of bliss. Are you aware how many days does it take to dig a well of cool water? Are you aware how deep you have to dig to get the cool water from the earth? May be 50 ft. or more …….If 2-3 men start digging a well by the conventional methods ,it might take at least a month’s time till you reach life giving water. Then ,you will have to cement the well at the ground level, cement it inside up to the entire depth of the well. So, the total process of preparing a complete well may take more than 1.5 months.

But, what happens once the well is complete???Whenever, you feel thirsty……..whenever you need naturally cool drinking water….you can drop a bucket inside the well ,fill it with sweet water & pull it out of the well .You drink this water and instantly quench your thirst.

Similarly, initially it might take 1.5-2 months of regular ,daily practice of at least 20-30 mins. to perfect the practice of Meditation. If you are determined to learn Meditation, you’ll have to do it daily for 20-30 mins. & then you will realize that you have become successful in digging a well of bliss.

And once , this well of bliss is dug,whenever you are unhappy, need Enthusiasm & feel sad , then close your eyes , enter the Meditative level & source of eternal bliss is waiting to explode on you.As a result, as soon as you get up after 20-30 minutes of Meditation, you find yourself full of Enthusiasm ,Joy & Bliss.