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To learn to Meditate ,the first step is to learn how to sit with your eyes closed without moving your body at all.If your mind is wandering here and there,away from the positive subject chosen by you,then your body will also move a little.You will eighter be scratching your nose or your head or you will be adjusting your legs etc.And,anybody watching you will get to know that you are not focussed.It will also be known that you are not enjoying the act of Meditation.

Suppose two persons are sleeping side by side.Body of one of them is still & not moving at all ,while that of the second one is moving here & there & he is changing the sides throughout,then you would know that he is not having a sound sleep.

Similarly,if two persons are sitting for Meditation side by side & one of them is moving his body again and again,then he is not Meditating properly.

So,the mantra is ,”To calm your mind,first calm your body.If you are successful in calming your body,you can be successful in calming your mind.”Maharishi Patanjali has very rightly told us in Yog Darshan,”STHIRSUKHMASANAM” which means that best posture for Meditation is one in which you can sit comfortably for long hours.

So,to start with,Identify a sitting posture in which you can sit comfortably for at least 15 minutes without moving any part of your body with your eyes closed and soon you would have prepared a ground for lifelong practice of Meditation.


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